Pleszew in EuropeDear Ladies and Gentlemen,
What cities come to your minds when you think of Poland? Of course, Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk. Simply touristic, cultural and historical centres. We are the European and we are proud of our Union. So, probably this is the right time to get to know each other, not only from the perspective of popular brochures and common slogans. We would like to take an opportunity to invite you to meet everyday Poland. We invite you to visit Pleszew. About thirty thousand inhabitants live in our town – a capital of a sixty thousand poviat has splendid 725 - year history. We are hard-working, thrifty an open-minded people. We offer many possibilities of spending free time, we have attractive catering and hotel facilities. An essential factor is also our convenient communications route location.




Being a member of European community obligates
Pleszew is a thoroughly European town. Although Poland has been the member of the European Union only since 2004, and it has belonged to the Shengen zone from 2007, our town started the process of integration with Europe much earlier. The first partnership agreement – with German town of Spangenberg was signed in 1996. In subsequent years, Pleszew started cooperation with French St. Pierre d’Oleron, Belgian Morlanwelz and German Westerstede. Throughout all those years we obtained confidence of our western partners. Mutual visits and meetings with local communities resulted in respect, tolerance an interpersonal friendship. In Europe, we have been learning one another.



Pleszew has an excellent communication location.
It is situated on the crossroads of national roads – 11 and 12, that is in the place where roads going from West to East meet and roads going from South to North. Furthermore, an express road No. S 11 is going to pass Pleszew. The distance from Pleszew to the Wielkopolska capital city – Poznań is only 95 km. Whereas, the distance to the capital city of Dolny Śląsk Voivodeship is only 120 km. We have two passenger railway stations and two cargo sidings located 3 km from each other. An interesting spot is a narrow gauge railway. In the centre of the town there is a bus station. There are four bus communication companies and taxi transport firms operating in the area of Pleszew. Also, passenger and goods transport companies are active here. In Pleszew, you can also buy tickets of international passenger operators. International airport – Poznań Ławica is just 90 km away from Pleszew. Small private airplanes can land at Michałków airport – 20 km away from Pleszew. The nearest border crossing with Germany: Słubice – Frankfurt on Odra river is situated 270 km, and there are only 50 km from the entry to the highway. n the heart of Wielkopolska Voivodeship.

Center of Citie

Tradition and modernity
Pleszew is a town, where tradition and modernity meet. People living here are characterized by traditional Wielkopolska thrift. There are as much as 2500 registered business activities. Over 1000 are trade entities, the other include manufacturing and services companies. Pleszew economy is also based on craft, including, famous throughout the whole Europe, leathercraft and saddlecraft. There are also over 100 companies manufacturing C.O. boilers which are famous both in Poland and in Eastern Europe – they are the hallmark of Pleszew. An important element is also agriculture and horticulture, especially greenhouse growing of tomatoes. We are also known for excellent bakeries. The strength of those has been confirmed by the fact of having two Guinness records: for the biggest tomato salad and for the biggest loaf of bread. In Pleszew there are also heavy industry facilities, companies selling their products in the whole world: Food Industry Machines Manufacturing Company – Spomasz Pleszew S.A. and Famot Pleszew S.A. a company belonging to a German concern Gildmeister which manufactures machine tools. The next company with a wide scope of operation is DMG Poland, which in our town, established a training centre and machine tools sales centre for Eastern Europe.

Tourist accommodation and eating places
In Pleszew tourist accommodation base and eating places are constantly developing - good standard and delicious cuisine. The offer of the companies is complemented by additional attractions. While staying in a hotel it would be worth going to a swimming pool, solarium, a gym or going for a bike trip, horse riding, driving a quad, swimming in a boat, fishing or going to a dance. A basic advantage of Pleszew is small distance from Poznań, Wrocław and most interesting tourist attractions of Wielkopolska Voivodeship offered at definitely lower board and lodging prices.

Stara Stajnia
(Old Stable)

Zawidowice 14A
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 62 741 97 92

  • Conference rooms
  • Banquet halls
  • Drink bar
  • Billiard tables
  • Rooms with TV-SAT, radio, telephones and Internet
  • Horse riding
  • Fish ponds
  • Canoeing
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Restaurant offers an Old Polish and European cuisine


Wigwamy pod Księżycem – Brzezie (Wigwams under the Moon)

Brzezie ul. Stawiszyńska
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 62 742 02 02

  • 4 wigwams
  • 2 stages
  • Dance floor
  • Feast hats
  • Dungeon where there is a winery
  • Amusement arcade
  • Beach with real salty sand
  • Creek
  • Quad raids on a specially prepared track
  • Dance parties
  • Restaurant offers an Old Polish cuisine and grilled meals


Hotel and restaurant

Prokopów 25a
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 62 742 24 90
+48 62 742 22 98

  • Rosom with TV, Internet
  • Suite
  • Conference room
  • Drink bar
  • Winter garden
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Restaurant offers traditional and European cuisine


Hotel and restaurant

Ludwina 1a
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 62 741 83 43

  • Air-conditioned restaurant hall
  • Banquet hall
  • Rooms with TV and Internet
  • Restaurant offers traditional and European cuisine

Hotel pod Plantami
(Park hotel)

Ul. Sportowa 1
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 606 77 96 57

  • Rooms with TV
  • There is a town stadium in the neighbourhood and tennis courts, swimming pool and the “Planty Park”

Motel u Huberta i resturacja
(Motel at Hubert’s; restaurant)

63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 62 742 19 56

  • Banquet hall
  • Restaurant offers an Old Polish cuisine

Willa Jana (John’s villa)

Ul. Kochanowskiego
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 602 78 12 29

  • Located in the centre of Pleszew
  • Family, occasional, company and cultural parties
  • Accomodation is also possible
  • Restaurant offers traditional cuisine

Wigwamy w Taczanowie (Wigwams in Taczanow)

Taczanów II 43
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 62 741 93 47

  • Outdoor events
  • Wigwam
  • Bonfire place
  • Park and palace complex In the neighbouhood

Restaurcja „Baks” Baks restaurant

Ul. Malińska 21a
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 62 742 13 80

  • Banquet hall
  • Family and occasional events
  • Restaurant offers traditional cuisine

”Chata” restaurant

Ul. B. Krzywoustego
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 662 12 60 64

  • Beer garden
  • Occasional parties
  • Restaurants offers Old Polish cuisine

„Złoty Miecz” (”Golden Sword”) restaurant

Ul. Lipowa
Tel. +48 62 742 15 79

  • Spacious ballroom
  • Occasional parties
  • Restaurant offers traditional cuisine

”Podmiejska” (”Suburban”) restaurant

Piekarzew 53
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 62 742 29 11

  • Occasional parties
  • Restaurant offers traditional cuisine

Coffee Pub Jack

Ul. Sienkiewicza 13
Tel. +48 515 45 00 33

  • Fast food
  • Wide selection of alcoholic drinks

Castello Spagheteria

Ul. B. Krzywoustego 8
Tel. +48 62 742 22 22

  • Fast service bar
  • Fast food
  • Food delivery possible



Castello Pizzeria

Ul. Poznańska 9
Tel. +48 62 742 77 88

  • Offers a wide selection of pizzas
  • Food delivery possible

Sultan Kebab

Ul. Poznańska
Tel. + 48 508 20 00

  • Fast food dishes
  • Food delivery possible

Sultan Pizza

Ul. Kaliska 1
Tel. + 48 508 30 00

  • Offers a wide selection of pizzas spaghetti and lasagna
  • Food delivery possible

”Carafe” café

Rynek 2
63-300 Pleszew

  • Wide selection of fast food
  • Wide selection of alcoholic drinks
  • Take away possible

Saigon Bar

Ul. Ogrodowa 8
Tel. +48 602 87 33 26

  • Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine meals, fast food, wide selection of Vietnamese drinks
  • Food delivery possible

Hades Pub

Ul. Marszewska 12

  • Pub offers a wide selection of beers, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks
  • Billiard and dart game


Ul. Zygmunta Augusta 6

  • Pub offers a wide selection of beers, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks

Kebab bar “PAPARAZZI”

Ul. Zygmunta Augusta 6 Tel. +48 62 742 11 73

  • Fast food and wide selection of drinks
  • Food delivery possible

Active recreation in Pleszew area
At Gołuchów lake one can rent swimming equipment, starting with canoes and ending with sailing boats. Canoeing on Prosna river’s tracks is very popular. Construction of the new artificial lake – ”Łaszew” is being prepared. The length of marked bicycle lanes is over 50 km and preparations to build new stretches were started in 2007. We recommend going for a walk in our town forest ”Planty” park – arboretum – Gołuchów, English park – Dobrzyca, Taczanowski count’s park – Taczanów.

A walk around Pleszew
Pleszew is a town, which is constantly developing. Modern schools, stunning new building of Famot Pleszew S.A., offices of many public institutions. Much to talk about… On the other hand, buildings which are the evidence of the rich history of Pleszew area. Pleszew market place is an ideal example where the history and the present timepresence meet and harmonize - it was awarded with a mention “Modernization of the year” in 2006. Therefore, it is a good idea to devote one afternoon and go for a walk around the town to see the most interesting places. In the evening one can relax in Pleszew’s cinema “Hel” (Polish cinemas show films in original language versions with subtitles), spend time in a café or restaurant or in any of beer gardens situated in the central place of Pleszew.

Museums track
In Pleszew and its area there are museums, really worth visiting. In the town itself, there are Region Museum, Bakery Museum, “Służebniczki NMP” Congregation Museum . In the vicinity there are unique spots like Palace and Park complex in Dobrzyca, National Museum and Forestry Culture Centre in Gołuchów, Napoleonic Museum in Witaszyce or Palace and Park Centre in Taczanów.

Regional Museum in Pleszew

Situated in an old post office from the second half of the XIX century. One can find the following collections: archeological – of Łużyce culture from the excavations carried out in the region; historical – concerning the town and the neighbouring area;
artistic – the biggest in the world collection of Marian Bogusz works and other artists from Pleszew area;
ethnographic – craftwork, material culture of the region.

Apart from the above, periodical exhibitions are organized.

Ul. Poznańska 34, 63-300 Pleszew, Tel. +48 62 742 83 59;


Napoleonic Wars Museum (miniatures) in Witaszyce.

Museum is located in the XVII century manor house in Witaszyce village. There one can find mementoes connected with Napoleonic period, among them, one can find military units figures, dioframes of battles, uniforms, distinctions, documents and other objects, post cards and everyday things – e.g. china. In the National Uprising room, there are exhibits connected with Kościuszko, November, January and Wielkopolska and Silesia Uprisings.

Al. Wolności 35, 63-300 Witaszyce; tel./fax +48 62 740 14 67; mobile: +48 602 78 12 29;

Bakery Museum in Pleszew

The museum is located In the old bakery from 1913. There are exhibits connected with Bakery: among them, one can find furnaces, machines and equipment, bakery and Baker’s shop equipment, guild documents.

Ul. Tyniec 6; 63-300 Pleszew, tel/fax: +48 62 742 11 25;

Służebniczki NMP museum in Pleszew

One can find main exhibits connected with worship an monastic life: prayers, work and versatile activity of the Congregation.Periodical and permanent exhibitions.

Ul. E. Bojanowskiego 1; 63-300 Pleszew; Tel. +48 62 742 11 80; e-mail:  

Palace and Park Complex in Dobrzyca

Palace in Dobrzyca was rebuilt according to the appearance from the XVIII and XIX century. Palace interiors are sumptuously decorated with polychromes and mouldings. A 10 hectare English - style park stretches around the building. On the premises of the park, one can find buildings such as annexes, pantheon and Monoptor on an island. The main decorations of the park include huge maple plane tree – one of the biggest in Poland and the oldest in Poland field maple from the end of XVII century.

Temporary and permanent exhibitions

Ul. Pleszewska 5A; 63-300 Dobrzyca; tel. +48 62 741 30 39; fax. +48 62 741 34 86; e-mail:,

Forestry culture centre in Gołuchów

 The Forestry Museum is located in historic XIX century buildings. Exhibitions show inspiring Influence f the forest on culture and arts, relations between forest environment with economic activity of people and their life and social needs. The next aspect of the post’s activity is showing the forest as geographic, natural and botanic phenomenon. Forestry Culture Centre is also responsible for administration of the park – arboretum with unique tree and other flora species. An attraction is also an enclosure for bisons, boars, Polish horses and fallow deers.

Temporary and permanent exhibitions

Ul. Działyńskich 2; 63-322 Gołuchów; tel/fax +48 62 761 50 45; e-mail:;

Castle in Gołuchów – The Branch of the National Museum in Poznań

 The castle – originally Renaissance fortified building erected in 1550 – 1560. In XVII century it was developed into an impressive nobleman’s residence. In the mid XIX century, the building was converted on the pattern of royal castles on Lear river. Museum collects valuable Gobelins, Renaissance European painting, rare specimen of furniture and handicraft. Precious things stolen during the Second World War are slowly being returned to Gołuchów – presently, one can see part of the old collection of antique vases.

Ul. Działyńskich 2; 63-322 Gołuchów; tel. +48 62 761 50 94; fax. +48 62 761 50 94;


Palace – Park Complex in Taczanów

 Taczanów is a palace and park complex with manor buildings. The most interesting buildings include a palace built in XVIII century in Classical Berlin style. Also, worth seeing is the neo - Gothic chapel and a complex of manor buildings. The park located in the vicinity of the palace is a natural feature of historic importance. The complex was a seat of the aristocratic family of Taczanowsky until the Second World War.  

Adam Mickiewicz Museum in Smiełów

Surrounded by a park, XVIII century palace is a gem of Classical architecture. In 1831, the outstanding Polish poet, Adam Mickiewicz stayed here. A special exhibition devoted to him presents, among others, poet’s manuscripts. Whereas, as far as paintings are concerned, a special attention should be given to a watercolour by an excellent Polish painter, Juliusz Kossak, under the title: “Mickiewicz in Turkey” and Romantic paintings of French, Italian and Dutch schools.

Śmiełów, 63-210 Żerków; tel. +48 62 740 31 64; fax: +48 62 740 31 64; e-mail:;

We invite you to Euro 2012
We have won. Poland together with Ukraine are going to organize the biggest – just after Olympic Games and World Football Championship – sport event i.e. European Football Championship. In 2012, the matches are going to be played on Polish stadiums in Gdańsk, Warsaw, Wrocław and Poznań. It is really worth coming to Poland to see Euro 2012. Short distance from Pleszew to Wrocław and Poznań guarantees that you will be able to reach stadiums quickly and easily and watch the matches. It also guarantees that the costs of board and lodging will be much lower.

By car through Wielkopolska

Pleszew is an ideally situated place. From here you can start your trip to see the biggest and unique tourist attractions of Wielkopolska Voivodeship. We recommend the following routes which can be altered according to one’s own interests and preferences.

Route No. 1
Pleszew – Kórnik – Rogalin – Poznań


From Pleszew take the national road No. 11 and go in the direction of Kórnik (travelling Time approximately 1 hr.). Then take the road No. 431 to Rogalin. Then to Puszczykowo (through Wielkopolska Landscape Park) and according to the road signs, go to Poznań.

To return from Poznań to Pleszew take the national road No. 11.

What to see:
Kórnik: castle and castle park (time – approx. 1,5hrs)

Rogalin: The Raczyński family castle

Old oak trees park (time – approx. 1 hr)

Puszczykowo: Travel Museum, Literary Study of Arcady Fidler

Poznań: the capital city of Wielkopolska

Route No. 2
Pleszew – Gniezno – Dziekanowice


From Pleszew take the road to Chocz, where turn left and follow the road No. 442. Next, take the national road No. 15 and head for Gniezno. From Gniezno take the road No. 5 to Poznań an after 17 kilometer drive, you will arrive at Dziekanowice. Return with the same roads, or go to Poznań and return with the national road No. 11.

What to see:
Gniezno: cathedral (approx. 1 hr)

Polish State Origins Museum (1 hr)

Gniezno Archdiocese Museum (1 hr)

Dziekanowice: Ethnographic Park of Wielkopolska (open-air ethnographic museum)

(aprox. 2 hrs)

First Piasts Museum on Lednica (approx. 1,5 hrs)

Route No. 3
Pleszew – Russów – Kalisz – Antonin


From Pleszew take the national road in the direction of Kalisz. In Brzezie, turn left to Stawiszyn, where you should take the national road No. 25 – again in the direction of Kalisz. Arrive at Russów. Then to Kalisz. Next, head for Ostrów Wielkopolski. Further, by the national road No. 11, go to Antonin. To return to Pleszew take the national road No. 11.

What to see:
Russów: a park and Maria Dąbrowska manor house and a small open-air ethnographic museum (approx. 1 hr)

Kalisz: a fortified town in Zawodzie,

St. Joseph’s Sanctuary

A Jewish cemetery (3 hrs)

Antonin: Antoni Radziwił wooden hunting mansion, where Frederic Chopin often gave

Concerts (1 hr)